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Experience. Understand.Survive.

It is a non-formal education organisation with a core of former Special Operations Forces soldiers. Mission: to strengthen the individual and the community by building the character of a winner, the ability to adequately assess reality in a critical situation, decision-making and self-responsibility;


During the camps, you will test your personal potential and come face to face with your fears, which the instructors will help you overcome.


At the seminars, you'll take away all the essential knowledge from experienced experts to further your individual development.


Developing swimming and diving techniques, and continuously learning to tame the water and work together with it.


Signs and merchandise that unite our community across Lithuania.

Who are we?

We aim to help people to know their bodies and to be able to control their minds.

We are a strong, motivated team. Our goal is to help people to be able to use their cool head in critical situations or adverse working conditions, to overcome their fears and to find inner peace in stressful situations.

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Eugenijus Dauskurtas

Water Survival

Egidijus Druskinis

Outdoor Survival

Gediminas Mažutis

Special Tactics

Asta Dauskurtė

Gestalt psychotherapy practitioner

Test yourself

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Don’t let doubts overwhelm you. Join the camps to learn how to deal with all your fears and emotions. 

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Club Members' experiences

We have accumulated a lot of experience over the years and are ready to share it with you.


    Operation "Survive in Nature"

    The Outdoor Survival Camp provided a wealth of knowledge and confidence and laid a solid foundation for further development. I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel safe and secure when picnicking and travelling in nature.


      "I am water" programme

      Hi Eugenija, I just got out of the pool and I want to thank you so much - today I swam 1.5km (and 1.1km non-stop!), when half a year ago I couldn't even swim 25m. And the most important thing is that it's not so much the results that make me happy, but the peace of mind that comes from swimming...


        Pistol training

        Great. I'm already looking forward to the second day. An awful lot of useful material. The instructor is specific. I would like to go to him for the next levels as well.

        Instructor qualifications
        Quality of operations

        Team training

        We guarantee that you will not only challenge yourself during your training, but also gain useful experience in life.